Commercial Landscape Maintenance

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We have several years of experience with making commercial properties look spectacular! We believe that sometimes a first appearance goes a long way when you are trying to impress your customers. Therefore, when you need your properties to be maintained professionally, we are here to help! Here at Nature’s Green we strive to do the best job to maintain your property so you can concentrate on your business.

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We proudly provide the following Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services:

  • Weekly Mowing
    Weekly mowing consists of picking up debris, pulling weeds, and maintaining property turf.
  • Fertilizing and Weed Control
    We offer customizable fertilizer and weed control programs to keep turf healthy and weed free.
  • Round-Up
    Round-Up applications are available to keep rock and mulch areas weed free!
  • Mid-Season Shrub Trimming
    A mid-season shrub trimming will sharpen the look of your property!
  • Spring Clean-Ups
    Get the season started off right with a spring cleanup! We clean up your property to ready it for summer.
  • Fall Clean-Ups
    As well as spring clean-ups, every fall we will clean up your property to prepare for the wonderful winters that Colorado has to offer.
  • Aeration
    We aerate turf to make sure water and nutrients from our fertilizers go deeper into the root systems to improve health of turf. Aeration also helps prevent water runoff.
  • Spring Sprinkler Activations
    Spring sprinkler activations are done before the hot summer months arrive to keep your turf healthy and green.
  • Fall Sprinkler Blowouts
    Fall sprinkler blowouts are done to keep the sprinkler system safe from freezing during winter months.
  • Snow Removal and Ice Melt
    We offer snow removal and ice melt to our commercial properties to keep your business running smooth.

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